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A Guide to Elevating Your Hosting Style, What Kind of Home Entertainer Are You?

Home entertainment looks different depending on our personality and the part we play in our inner circle. From lively gatherings to intimate dinners, there's no one-size-fits-all approach to hosting. Housebar can help you discover your own home entertainment and hosting style and make it easy to say those three words “come on over”.

So, let's explore the different types of home entertainers and find out which one resonates with you!

Hanging with your crew

The Extrovert Friend: The Crew Hangout Spot

Are you the life of the party? Your home is the official crew hangout spot, where friends gather for book clubs, game nights, or pre-game rituals. Your place is always buzzing with energy, laughter, and camaraderie. A reason to hang out can pop off at any moment and your spot is where it’s going down. Make your space a hub of connection and fun. Keep things interesting with a book club or game night to turn a hang sesh into a night of fun and banter.   Share book recommendations, discussion topics, and innovative game night ideas. Consider having a choose your own cocktail adventure by inviting guests to make their own drinks.  Pick 3-4 different recipes and make it a competition!


Tight knit gathering

The Family Meeting Place: Big, Tight-Knit Family Gatherings

Have you hosted Thanksgiving or Sunday night dinners on the regular? Then your entertainment style is comfortable, easy and warm. You cherish being the hub for your family and creating a welcoming atmosphere for loved ones. You don’t have to do all the prep work; consider organizing a potluck dinner so everyone can let their culinary skills shine.  Be sure to have an extra bottle or two of wine for when the table conversation gets interesting!


Foodie Entertaining

The Foodie Friend: Culinary Adventures and Dinner Parties

For the foodie friend, home entertainment revolves around culinary delights and hosting dinner parties. You love experimenting with new recipes, showcasing your culinary skills, and tantalizing taste buds. Continue to wow your guests with creative menus and culinary storytelling. Share your food journey through themed dinners or cooking classes with friends.And don’t forget the drinks! A great bottle of wine or a complex cocktail can add more storytelling and help you introduce a friend to something new.


Couples Date night

Couples Date Night: Intimate and Romantic Evenings

If you excel at creating an intimate and romantic ambiance, you're the expert in couples' date nights. Your home is the perfect setting for candlelit dinners, cuddling up for a great RomCom, or quiet evenings together just connecting with long-time friends. Continue to set the mood for love with music playlists, crafty experiences and even datenight themes. Cocktails are a great way to bring people together, too. Pick a cocktail and have fun twisting it with different flavors.


me time

Solo Entertainment: Me Time and Self-Care

For those who enjoy your personal time, your home is your sanctuary. Embrace the joy of me-time and self-care.  Create cozy corners for reading, meditation, or hobbies. Pick a new recipe to try out for yourself or plan out your weekly menu so you can have effortless meals for the week ahead.


No matter what kind of home entertainer you are, your unique style adds vibrancy and joy to the lives of those around you. Whether you're the extrovert friend, the family matriarch, the foodie, or any of the other entertaining personalities, your home is a canvas where you paint the picture of hospitality and connection. So, which type of home entertainer are you?

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