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  • 2 oz Bourbon

  • 0.25 oz Simple Syrup

  • 8 Mint Leaves

Mint Julep


The real triple crown of a Mint Julep is the balance of smooth bourbon, refreshing mint and a touch of simple syrup. Serve in a silver cup for the win.


The Mint Julep became The Kentucky Derby’s signature drink in 1939, but its history dates back over a hundred years before. Black bartenders like John Dabney, Tom Bullock, Jim Cook, Jasper Crouch and many others first served up this delishly muddled mix of bourbon, sugar and mint leaves in hotels and restaurants in Virginia and Missouri. Traditionally it was served in a silver cup and you held it by the base, allowing ice to form on the outside. If you prefer your drink without frostbite, serve it in a high-ball or old-fashioned glass.


  1. SLAP (yes we said it) mint leaves between hands to release the oils and place in a julep cup

  2. MUDDLE mint leaves with simple syrup

  3. ADD bourbon to julep cup and pack with crushed ice

  4. STIR for 20-25 seconds until julep cup is frosted over

  5. ADD more crushed ice to heaping

  6. GARNISH with a mint frond and straw for sipping

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