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Home is where the bar is.

The bottle shop remixed for adventurous drinkers, foodies & home entertainers.

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Good spirits.
Great company.

It doesn’t have to be happy hour or party time or “12 o’clock somewhere.” You don’t have to have a waxed mustache or foodie cred or a secret past life as a bartender. At Housebar, we believe everyone at any time deserves a better drinking experience at home.

We don’t care if it’s book club, boys night or Netflix and chill; a Rihanna or Rakim or Richard Marx night; TGIF for the block or just your corner of the house. Whatever your vibe, Housebar will help you mix, sip, savor, pour, and enjoy with effortless cocktail recipes, great selection and tips to make entertaining actually entertaining.

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Bring Happy
Hour Home

1299 First St SE

Washington, DC 20003

(301) 778-7893

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