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  • 8 oz White Rum

  • 8 oz Gin

  • 8 oz Vodka

  • 8 oz Tequila Blanco

  • 8 oz Orange Liqueur

  • 8 oz Fresh Lime Juice

  • 16 oz Cranberry Juice

New England Iced Tea Pitcher


Picture a fun summer a pitcher. It’s filled with rum, vodka, gin, tequila, orange liqueur, and some fresh lime and cranberry juices to keep it “respectable.” Your peeps will thank you with solo cups in hand.


Maybe we’ve watched too many romcoms, but summers in New England seem like a helluva lot of fun. Bikes with baskets, crashing in the Atlantic waves, clam bakes - and everyone getting a bit too tipsy and highly inappropriate.Perhaps some of you prefer a Long Island version (just swap the cranberry for cola) but we’re suckers for real juice, a hard “r” accent and a wicked good party pleaser.


  1. ADD all spirits, lime juice and sugar or simple syrup to a pitcher

  2. STIR for 15-20 seconds to incorporate ingredients

  3. FILL 2/3 of a highball glass with the spirit blend

  4. ADD ice to glass

  5. TOP with cranberry juice and give the drink a twirl with a spoon or straw

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