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  • 2 oz Vodka

  • 4 oz Fresh Grapefruit

  • 2 oz Cranberry Juice

  • 1 Lime Wedge

Sea Breeze


The sweet, laid back combo of vodka with fresh grapefruit and cranberry juices has us longing for the easy breezy 80s - Crockett & Tubbs on our TV and Billy Ocean on our cassette deck. Our hearts…they beat as one.


The lineage of the Sea Breeze traces back to 1968 when the good marketers at Ocean Spray printed a boozy recipe on the side of every carton for mom and dad. The “Harpoon” was an ounce of vodka, an ounce of cranberry and a squeeze of lime. From this concoction came the Cape Codder, the Greyhound, the Salty Dog, the Bay Breeze and our favorite, the Sea Breeze. Thanks to its refreshing juices, it’s just as home on a lazy beach afternoon as it is with eggs and avocado toast over brunch. Ocean Spray- we see you.


  1. POUR vodka, grapefruit and cranberry juice into a collins glass

  2. STIR 15 seconds to incorporate all ingredients

  3. ADD ice to fill the glass

  4. GARNISH with a lime wedge

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