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  • 2 oz  Vodka

  • 0.5 oz  Coffee Liqueur

  • 0.5 oz Simple Syrup

  • 1 oz Espresso or Cold Brew

Vodka Espresso


This might be our dance floor secret weapon. Combining vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso and simple syrup gives just the right amount of booze and caffeine to keep you in crush-it mode all night long.


Legend has it that London bartender Dick Bradsell created the drink in the late 1980s when a famed-yet-unnamed supermodel sidled up to the bar and requested something to, “Wake me up and f@ck me up!” We aren’t sure how true this is, but we love it because that’s exactly what it does. It’s the ultimate combination of rich and indulgent and supercharged with volts of caffeine. You know, so we can unleash the little party supermodel in all of us.


  1. POUR vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso and simple syrup into a cocktail shaker and fill with ice

  2. SHAKE vigorously for 15-20 seconds

  3. STRAIN into a chilled martini glass

  4. GARNISH with 3 whole coffee beans

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