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A throwback of flavor and 90s love

This is the 411

If the 90s taught us anything it’s you can be a lover AND a fighter. Hit play on this 90s throwback and savor the bounces between soulful R&B and gritty hip hop faves - kinda like a Blood & Sand. This cocktail, much like the mix we paired with it, might seem like a contradiction of flavor on paper but shake it all together and it just makes sense.

Whether you’re kicking it with the boys or just taking a musical trip down memory lane, the Blood & Sand’s duality is the perfect fit for the slam and silk. Think Biggie’s east coast gravel with Aaliyah’s smooth flow. Garnish your with glass with an orange peel because we are definitely keepin’ it fly tonight.

Blood & Sand

A harmonious mix of unexpected flavor

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