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Layered tropical beats of sweet & tart

Overheard in the DMV

Let’s give it up for the enigma that is the DMV scene - a global melting pot of sounds and influences that’s hard to pin down but easy to enjoy. Kinda like the Jungle Bird.

In the DMV - that’s DC/Maryland/Virginia for the uninitiated- culture is always shifting. A playlist from this area is like everything and nothing you’ve heard before. It’s the perfect day party list for newbies or a hit of nostalgia for the locals. From classic Go-Go to homegrown artists like Wale, there’s something for everyone.

Either way, pair it with the exotic flavors of a Jungle Bird - sweet, fruit-forward but with a hint of unexpected tart to wake you up and make you wanna dance.

Jungle Bird

Soar high above the DMV's concrete jungle.

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