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The hauntingly tasty Sazerac

No Work, All Play with The Sazerac & The Shining

Scary movie night is a time-honored classic and The Shining is a crowd-pleaser that goes beyond your boring old slasher flick and a jump scare. And while I’m sure you think we are gonna go for a Red Rum pairing, we decided this movie is best viewed with twist on Jack’s drink of choice - whiskey - but we are upping the game a bit because we’re not doing on the rocks tonight. A Sazerac would’ve fit right in with The Overlook hotel’s fashionable (albeit creepy) 1921 crowd that Jack rubs elbows with. It’s smooth, playful, and comes with just a little mystery.

Interesting aside: Jack asks for bourbon but Lloyd gives him Jack Daniels which everyone knows is a Tennessee whiskey. For a Sazerac, we suggest going with an OG Kentucky standard.

The Shining, 1980

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